Modular houses / containers

Modular houses / containers

Moduliniai namai / konteineriai Kariga - mobilūs namai

Produkto Description

Modular houses / containers

Modular houses/containers are a great way to install commercial or domestic premises anywhere. The functionality and application of modular houses are very wide. Possibility to build modular houses/containers on several floors, thus adapting the required modular house to the environment or another building. Modular houses/containers can be applied in endless sectors: construction, industry, manufacturing, services, etc.

  • we can offer various types of modular houses;
  • modular houses can be fully equipped and ready for operation;
  • very simple and fast installation;
  • wide functionality and versatility;
  • all communications and amenities.

More Information

  • household premises adapted for temporary living;
  • offices are adapted for a construction sites and manufacturing companies;
  • universal containers adapted for events or other objects;

What are the possible options?

  • Plan a preliminary building plan;
  • Contact our sales team and we will finalize the project;
  • We will make containers and deliver them to the place;
  • We will assemble and install the interior.

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