About Us


We producing: Skip containersHook lift containersTipping containersMobile rampsAttachments for loadersCutting of metal parts with CNC machinesSpare parts


We have been involved in technical production and trade for more than 15 years. We know the needs of our customers, so this is why we are paying a lot of attention to our realtionship. For us most important is a trust!


The main engine of the company is a people! People who interact with clients solve their problems and advise on how to improve their work. These people have been working with machinery for more than 15 years, so they have experience with agricultural, forestry and construction machinery.


This question is best answered by our customers. Often new customers interact with our existing customers and this is the reason why they choose us.

About us

We are a company of a young team, which with its great ambitions provides you with the most necessary metal products.

We specialize in the production of mobile ramps, containers, bucket knives and other products. We can offer various metal processing services, as well as produce metal constructions according to your needs.

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