Tipping containers

Tipping containers

Produkto Description

Tipping containers

Popular tipping containers are used in metalworking and woodworking companies. Containers are transported by a forklift or other type of loader with pallet forks. The advantage of a tipping container is automatic tipping and return.

  • tipping containers are suitable for transporting various cargoes;
  • can be equipped with a tent or metal roof;
  • can be equipped with wheels;
  • the design of the pallet forks can be adapted to the size of your pallet forks.

More Information

Technical details

  • Volume - 1 kub.m.
  • Volume - 1,25 kub.m.
  • Volume - 1,5 kub.m.
  • Volume - 2 kub.m.
  • Volume - 2,5 kub.m.

What are the possible options?

  • Available in various sizes and capacities;
  • Various combinations of containers are possible;
  • Transportation - with pallet forks.